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Is it really Love? Spiritual Way of the Six Loves

Welcome to Is It Really Love? A continuing series on the six different loves and related topics.  We will look at the different kinds of love and other topic on spirituality that help apply the six different loves in our lives.

Jan 19, 2012

     In this episode we are moving in a new direction.  This will be the first of several episodes that looks at the question 'What is healthy sprituality?'  We do not have to look far to see examples of bad spirituality, so it is important to know what the good kind looks like.  Before we can answer that question, though, we must look at several issues.  First, what is religion?  What is faith?  Is spirituality different from religion and faith?

     In this first installment, we will look at a couple of definitions of religion, one positive and one negative.  We will learn something from each that helps us get closer to a workable understanding of what is religion.

This new series is based on my new book "Why Are We Here?' which can be viewed at