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Is it really Love? Spiritual Way of the Six Loves

Welcome to Is It Really Love? A continuing series on the six different loves and related topics.  We will look at the different kinds of love and other topic on spirituality that help apply the six different loves in our lives.

May 29, 2009

In Episode 8, we take a look at the experience of falling in love.  Is falling in love real? Or is it just a fantasy we believe in, something that happens only in songs and movies?  Peter and Cheryl, the couple we looked at in Episode 6, are stuck, trying to move from falling in love to being in love. Once we get an...

May 14, 2009

In Episode 7, I suggest a definition of romantic love.  We walk through the definition of romantic love, paying specific attention to what is it that is most unique about romantic love-- a hint: it is not sexual attraction, but something else.  We then revisit Peter and Cheryl who were having problems six months into...