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Is it really Love? Spiritual Way of the Six Loves

Welcome to Is It Really Love? A continuing series on the six different loves and related topics.  We will look at the different kinds of love and other topic on spirituality that help apply the six different loves in our lives.

Nov 2, 2009

     In this episode 16, we begin several installments on the question What is Happiness?  In previous episodes we have come across this question before.  Is love enough to make us happy?  I have suggested that the answer is no, love by itself cannot make us happy.  I avoided any further details about this question, until now.

     We begin with the story of Jill.  At first glance, it would seem that Jill has it all-- financial stability, family, friends, romantic love.  Jill feels she should be happy, but she is not.  She feels instead a vague sense of sadness and restlessness.  Jill feels as if she wants to go somewhere-- but where?  She wants to do something with her life-- but what?  When the death of a close friend shakes her complacent little world, she begins to ask the big questions.  Is there a God?  Is there anything after death?

     The big question behind the questions Jill is asking is What is Happiness?  How do we know it when we see it, or when we do not have it?  In the next episode we will look at some possible answers to that question.


This podcast series is based on my book The Six Faces of Love which can be viewed at